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FBX, the utility and governance token of our DAO, runs on top of quantitative investment strategies that were designed to offer significant protection against the volatility of crypto markets.
Through Proof-of-Ownership, new FBX are issued every day, while the Tokenomics induce regular burns that aim to offset its supply growth.

Ultra Sound Money Tokenomics 


FBX Hard Cap
Left To Be Issued
Burnt Tokens
🔥 1,207,011
Circulating Supply

Daily Issuance
Daily Burn
🔥 11,420
Daily Net Supply Growth

Projected Supply Evolution

Tokenomics comparison BTC ETH2 FBX
Consensus / Governance Proof of Work Proof of Stake Proof of Stake
Token Emission Proof of Work, decreasing Proof of Stake, fixed Proof of Ownership, decreasing
Maximum supply Capped Decreasing Capped and decreasing
Burn mechanism
Treasury backed by other assets
Utility Store of value
Reference currency
Reference currency (tokens sales, NFTs)
Gas fees
Yield optimizer FireVaults
Protocol's revenue source Demand Demand
Gas fees burns
GameFi burns
FireBot Algorithm
NFT sales and royalties
Yield optimizer fees

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