The FireBot ecosystem 🔥🤖

FireBot aims to maximize the potential of DeFi strategies, yield-generating protocols, and automated trading algorithms to offer tokenized investment vehicles for its users. We engineer and structure investment strategies available through smart-contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain. Their objectives range from high yield to principal protection.

FBX, the utility and governance token of our DAO, runs on top of quantitative investment strategies that we designed to offer significant protection against the volatility of crypto markets.

FBX: AI-Powered Risk Management

Let AI boost your crypto investments with FBX, our token backed by a dynamic basket of crypto assets managed by an autonomous trading algorithm.

Earn more:
Adjusting the basket allocation allows the strategy to follow market trends from one asset to another.

Risk less:
With built-in diversification on the most liquid crypto assets, the strategy reduces single points of failure. Besides, its dynamic allocation allows it to take shelter in stablecoins when waiting for new market opportunities.

Ultra-Sound Money Tokenomics 🦇🔊

The maximum FBX supply is 21,000,000. However, the protocol has already burned 2,858,131, and only 3,146,334 are currently in circulation. The remaining 14,995,535 are locked in the emission contract.

The only way to unlock FBX is to acquire and stake Elemental Particles, our Proof-Of-Burn tokens. Anyone can create (mint) new EP tokens by burning FBX at 300 FBX per EP. In total, this currently removes about 7,001 FBX from circulation per day.

Each day, the contract emits 1/1336th of the remaining locked FBX. Like Bitcoin, which goes through a halving every four years, the emission contract will release fewer tokens over time.

Today, the owners of the 20,027 EP tokens staked in the contract will share 10,102 FBX. 1 EP currently yields 0.5044 FBX per day.

These mechanisms ensure a decreasing inflation for the FBX token as the contract distributes fewer tokens every day. Additionally, a regular burn reduces the existing supply as users compete to get the highest share of the emission by burning FBX to acquire and stake more EPs.

If capped-supply gold is sound, decreasing-supply FBX is ultra-sound.

FBX Hard Cap
Left To Be Issued
Burnt Tokens
🔥 2,858,131
Circulating Supply

Monthly Issuance
Monthly Burn
🔥 213,093
Monthly Net Supply Growth

Projected Supply Evolution

Tokenomics comparison BTC ETH FBX
Emission Decreasing Variable Decreasing
Maximum supply Capped Potentially decreasing Capped and decreasing
Burn mechanism
Treasury backed by other assets

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