FBX halving countdown









Halving Date ETA: 23 July 2024 21:36:49 UTC

What is a Bitcoin block halving event?
A Bitcoin block halving event occurs approximately every four years, or every 210,000 blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain. Initially, the block reward for mining Bitcoin was 50 BTC. This reward has gradually decreased and is currently 3.125 BTC. The next reduction will bring the reward down to 1.5625 BTC. This programmed reduction slows the rate at which new Bitcoins are generated.

Why was this done?
Traditional fiat currencies are prone to inflation because governments and banks can increase the money supply. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has a capped total supply of 21,000,000 BTC, ensuring no more coins can be created beyond this limit. This finite supply, combined with increasing demand as more people adopt Bitcoin, makes it similar to goldโ€”a resource with a limited supply that cannot be artificially increased.

What about FBX?
Unlike Bitcoin, which experiences halving events every four years leading to market volatility and speculation, FBX has a continuously decreasing emission rate. This method avoids the supply shock observed after each Bitcoin halving.
Every day, 1/1336th of the remaining FBX can be claimed by EP stakers. This means that roughly every two and a half years, the emission received by EP stakers is halved. At our first FBX halving in July, only 10,500,000 FBX will remain to be distributed. This steady decrease in supply is programmed into FBX's emission smart contract and is unstoppable, much like Bitcoinโ€™s halving mechanism but more gradual and stable.

0.4493 $
Market Cap
1'715'788 $
Circulating Supply
Max Supply
Burnt FBX
128.45 $
Market Cap
4'319'999 $
Circulating Supply
Max Supply
Staked EP
9'684 $
Market Cap
438'703 $
Circulating Supply
Max Supply
1.0000 $
Market Cap
124'755 $
Circulating Supply
Max Supply

The FireBot ecosystem

FireBot aims to maximize the potential of DeFi strategies, and yield-generating protocols to offer tokenized investment vehicles for its users. We engineer and structure investment strategies available through smart-contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain. Their objectives range from high yield to principal protection.

Ultra-Sound Money Tokenomics ๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿ”Š

The maximum FBX supply is 21,000,000. However, the protocol has already burned 6,595,028, and only 3,818,970 are currently in circulation. The remaining 10,586,002 are locked in the emission contract.

The only way to unlock FBX is to acquire and stake Elemental Particles, our Proof-Of-Burn tokens. Anyone can create (mint) new EP tokens by burning FBX at 300 FBX per EP. In total, this currently removes about 948 FBX from circulation per day.

Each day, the contract emits 1/1336th of the remaining locked FBX. Like Bitcoin, which goes through a halving every four years, the emission contract will release fewer tokens over time.

Today, the owners of the 33,363 EP tokens staked in the contract will share 7,131 FBX. 1 EP currently yields 0.2137 FBX per day.

These mechanisms ensure a decreasing inflation for the FBX token as the contract distributes fewer tokens every day. Additionally, a regular burn reduces the existing supply as users compete to get the highest share of the emission by burning FBX to acquire and stake more EPs.

If capped-supply gold is sound, decreasing-supply FBX is ultra-sound.

FBX Hard Cap
Left To Be Issued
Burnt Tokens
๐Ÿ”ฅ 6,595,028
Circulating Supply

Last 30d Issuance
Last 30d Burn
๐Ÿ”ฅ 28,855
Last 30d Net Supply Growth

Projected Supply Evolution โ“˜
Tokenomics comparison BTC ETH FBX
Emission Decreasing Variable Decreasing
Maximum supply Capped Potentially decreasing Capped and decreasing
Burn mechanism โŒ โœ… โœ…

DAO's Reserves

The DAO is an entity controlled by FBX holders that aims to grow and support the FireBot ecosystem. For transparency, here is an estimated state of its reserves. Disclaimer: The data provided is for informational purposes. It aims to be as close as possible to reality; however, it is not real-time and can be inaccurate. Do not use this information for automated trading.

Asset Amount Price Value
EP8'369.9524128.45 $1'075'089 $
TRX5'160'353.62340.14 $707'742 $
FBX1'318'864.31600.45 $592'540 $
ETH73.18073'114.00 $227'885 $
USDT94'061.28591.00 $94'061 $
MATIC15'772.36690.50 $7'963 $
ADA9'190.47780.41 $3'785 $
XRP7'771.20750.47 $3'652 $
LTC7.515968.90 $518 $
DOT40.22406.03 $243 $
Other 101 $
Total 2'713'579 $


FBX circulating supply
DAO owned FBX
- 1,318,864
 Liquid circulating supply
= 2,500,105

 DAO's external assets
1,045,950 $
 Objective FBX price
0.4184 $
Current FBX price
0.4493 $
7.4 %

 Daily buybacks
0.00 $