About $FBX

$FBX is the ERC20 utility/governance token of FireBot on Polygon. It can be used to vote for important decisions about the ecosystem, the allocation of the treasury, or distribution of NFTs.

During its launch phase, alongside with the NFTs sales, it allowed to form the initial DAO's treasury that is now managed by our proprietary software solution.

New $FBX is distributed daily to NFT holders, and in exchange, every time an NFT is sold, 90% of the revenues are added to the treasury.

Its current price is 0.41732604$, there are 1,666,839 circulating tokens, for a market cap of 695,615$.

Polygon Tokens

SushiSwap Pool


$FBX and Treasury Allocation

There can only be a maximum of 21,000,000 tokens.

210,000 $FBX (1%) were distributed as the initial airdrop to FireBot users and 939,262 more have been sold during the presale in November of 2021. These tokens are held at 0xb..9a9 until they are claimed by their owners.

$FBX and WETH from the DAO are allocated to provide liquidity on SushiSwap, visible at 0xc..fcA

The remaining tokens, waiting to be issued are held at 0x0..b35 and 0xe..bd5. Every day, 1/1000th of these remaining tokens distributed to NFTs owners in proportion of the rarity of the NFTs they own and 1/4000th is distributed to liquidity providers on SushiSwap. This address also holds unsold NFTs and receives their sales and royalties, from which 10% is sent to the team.

Finally, 10% of all the tokens reserved for the team and vested at 0x0..a48 are progressively unlocked and distributed.

More statistics like the number of burnt tokens or the valorisation of the treasury managed by FireBot can be found on our API endpoints.

Repurchasing Plan

A part of the treasury managed by our software will regularly be used to purchase $FBX from the market and destroy them, in accordance with the decision of $FBX holders. All the burn transactions can be found on the blockchain at 0xd..409