Let AI manage your crypto and keep your portfolio safe.

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1. Create a Crypto wallet.

You will need a crypto wallet to hold your assets. Visit 🐰 to install a user-friendly wallet.

2. Buy your first Crypto!

To join the ecosystem, you will need MATIC on the Polygon Network.
Thanks to Mt Pelerin, a reputable crypto-fiat gateway, you can buy it here.
You can also buy MATIC on a centralized exchange such as Kraken 🐙, and withdraw it to your wallet on the Polygon blockchain.

  • Select your payment method, currency, and amount.
  • Fill in the relevant information.
  • Connect your wallet (Rabby / Trust Wallet / MetaMask).
  • Proceed with the payment.

3. Invest with FireBot!

After you receive your MATIC, you can swap it here for FBX tokens. We will then take care of the rest!

You first need to install and connect your wallet to purchase FBX.

Track your portfolio on Debank.


4. Learn more about the ecosystem.