FireBots Non Fungible Tokens 

A collection of unique digital robots minted as Non Fungible Tokens on the Polygon blockchain. They were created as rewards for FireBot (the software) users!

Our bots have been generated from more than 127 million possible trait combinations coming from the variety of backgrounds, bodies, heads, eyes, mouths and head wears.

 So, what is the utility of this collection?

In a few words, you collect NFTs and you it gives you daily rewards in $FBX, our utility and governance token, so you can pay for our other services and vote with the community on important decisions!

 What gives its value to the token?

First of all there will only ever be a maximum of 21’000’000 tokens, no one likes infinite money printers (looking at you fiat currencies).
Then, the token gives voting power to its holders, to make decisions on how we allocate our funds, distribute NFTs or promote our ecosystem.

 How did the project started?

The initial treasury was created with the presale of the token from which we collected around 915k$ of assets.

 You said there are only 21’000’000 tokens, what happens when they are all distributed?

They won’t. Every day, we only distribute 1/1000th of all the remaining tokens, so It means that we will never actually reach the 21’000’000. It’s similar to bitcoin mining, every four years there is a halving, so miners get less and less bitcoin, but it will never stop. In our case, instead of a halving every four year, it’s a “thousandth-ing” every day, making the distribution super smooth.

 Do all NFTs give the same rewards?

No, they all give different rewards based on the rarity of their elements, they all have a multiplier that can be computed from their on-chain properties and that runs between x1 for the most common and x5 for the rarest.
Checkout our Discord, there are hints to discover the rarest available.

And you can check the reward page to track your rewards!


Each bot is generated from the combination of different traits. Some of them are rarer than others and getting a set of similar attributes on your bot will increase its value!
For example getting several Fire elements on your bot is harder to find.

Each trait is worth a specific amount of rarity points, they are all summed up and multiplied by a a rarity coefficient based on the number of traits that are part of a set.

You can find the bots list, their properties and rarities on this page.

 Launch Plan 

Phase 1: Release FireBots NFT collection
 Create the art
 Generate NFTs
 Launch date: 31st of October 2021
Mint on Polygon and listing on OpenSea
 NFTs give away to existing community members and FireBot users!
 NFTs give away through social media campaigns!

Phase 2: Release the FBX utility token on Polygon
 Creation of the FireBot DAO
 Creation of FBX the governance and utility token
 First airdrop of FBX to the community!
 Presale of FBX
 Daily reward distribution of FBX to NFTs holders!

Phase 3: New NFT side collection!
 Design a new NFT side collection giving more use cases to FBX
 Deploy new smart contracts
 Airdrop the new items to FBX holders
 Publish the web app for front-end contract interactions
 Distribution of utility tokens to new items owners


 What is an NFT collection? 

A Non Fungible Token (NFT) collection are like classic tokens on a blockchain, except that each token is differentiable.
You can exchange a BTC for another one, they have the same value and it’s hard to differentiate them: they are fungible. With NFTs, as you can differentiate them, they can have different values. Notably each of them comes with metadata that usually include an image and different properties.

Another characteristic is that the collection usually comes in smaller quantities, which makes them more scarce and (potentially) more valuable. There will be a maximum of 21 million identical BTC but in the case of FireBots there will only be 10’000 unique tokens.

You can use NFTs as certificates of authentication (certified on a blockchain), which is its main use case in the art industry.

 What gives its value to an NFT? 

Like with everything, the value of any object/asset/good comes from supply and demand. When an NFT collection increases in value, it means that the demand is higher than the supply: there are more people wanting to buy than people wanting to sell.

Here are some example of valuable projects:

- CryptoPunks: They were the first NFT collection sold on Ethereum, giving them historical value, a lot of influent person bought them to use as their profile pictures on social media, increasing the interest for the collection and its price.

- BAYC: a more recent collection, owning one of them gives you a membership, the only way of getting access to the “Yacht Club”. Having only 10’000 unique NFTs, the price also swiftly increased.

- CyberKongz: The first NFT to reward a valuable utility token daily to its owner. This token can be use to create new NFTs. This new NFT having a market value, it makes the token that allows to generate it valuable and from the same effect, the genesis CyberKongz' value increases as well.

These three projects benefit of course from the first mover advantage in their categories, but they are a great source of inspiration for what it is possible to make in the NFT space.

 How to setup a wallet to receive, buy and sell FireBots? 

1. Install Metamask and create an OpenSea account.
The easiest way is to follow OpenSea's tutorial on this page.
 Make sure to keep your mnemonic phrase safe! 

2. Switch your network to polygon.
The bots will be for sale on the polygon network, so you need to have funds there before you'll be able to buy them.
Go to:
Search for "polygon", look for "Polygon Mainnet", click on "Connect Wallet" and follow the instructions.

3. Fund your wallet.
If you already have ETH in a wallet connected to OpenSea, you can bridge it to the polygon network. The option is in the menu opening when clicking the wallet icon on OpenSea.
Otherwise, a cheap way is to send some MATIC to your wallet on polygon (from Binance for example) and then swap it for polygon ETH using ParaSwap Polygon.

4. Go to the OpenSea marketplace to see and trade your bots.