Investor's Checklist

 Investment Opportunity

Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class designed to have a finite quantity, making them scarce and fundamentally more valuable than traditional fiat currencies issued without any limitation by governments. Cryptocurrencies are by essence immune to the inflation that will come with extended Quantitative Easing politics.
It is known however that they are a highly volatile investment, which make them a questionable store of value over the short-term.
With this in mind, we came-up with FireBot, a solution designed to benefit from the long-term growth of cryptocurrencies and from the short-term volatility observed on the market. Since its inception in June of 2018, the solution has returned +2,555.0%, or an average 365 days return on investment of +153.2%.

 How does it work?

The solution produces statistical analysis of the most liquid cryptocurrencies available on Binance and assigns them weights corresponding to their computed probability of outperforming others for a given time period, to identify upward trends and follow them. The parameters used for the indicators (custom AI made indicators having similarities with RSI, Bollinger bands and moving averages) are optimized and updated every day with fresh market data by a machine learning algorithm, ensuring the strategy is always adapted to current market conditions.
Simultaneously, it will automatically send the instructions to your Binance account to balance your portfolio. The assets stay in your account, you can withdraw or pause the service and sell your funds at any time.
Every day, the algorithm learns from the new market conditions and tweaks its parameters to make sure it always stays ahead of new trends in the market.

 Past performance

If you wanted to increase your capital, using the software on a portfolio of 100,000$ in June of 2018 would have grown to a valuation of 2,655,020$ today, not accounting for fees.
If your objective was to get passive and recurrent revenues, having 100,000$ invested would have allowed you to withdraw an average of 7,110$ every 30 days.
Please keep in mind however that past performance may not be indicative and is never in any case a guarantee of future results.


Before using this service, you need to be aware of all the related risks, inherent to the solution or not. You need to understand that FireBot will not be able to recover any lost funds and you need to accept the following risks: third-party risk, market risk, operational risk, systemic risk, hacking risk, market manipulation risk, regulatory risk. You can find more details about these risk in the Terms And Conditions.
Notably, it is statistically expected for the algorithm to have unprofitable periods such as the period between July and December of 2019 where bad timing in investment would have resulted in a loss of about a third of the initial portfolio's valuation (However, still being largely profitable between June and January).


Between 4.00% and 7.50% of the benefits

FireBot uses a prepaid credit to charge for the subscription of the service. To run the software, you need to fill your account with fuel. FireBot computes your expected benefits, based on a portfolio running the solution and when it realizes a profit, it burns between 4.00% and 7.50% of the benefits from your reserve. No fee will be charged if your estiamted lifetime P&L is not positive. You can get discounted fees by reaching different VIP levels. You need to keep an eye on your fuel tank as the solution will stop if it does not have enough.


FireBot uses a referral system. When you refer a friend, they get a 20% reduction on the base fuel consumption. Moreover, from the fuel burnt by referred users, 50% is redistributed to referrers!

 Getting Started!

 Before starting, please make sure you've read and understood the Investor's checklist.

 1. Create a FireBot account.

 2. Create a Binance account using this link to get 20% off their trading fees.

 3. Add funds to your Binance account (Minimum ticket size is 5,000$).
All the available funds on the account (fiat or crypto) will be used in the strategy.

 4. Create your Binance API keys with "FireBot" as the label.
Make sure the keys have the necessary permissions with spot trading enabled (Click the "Edit restrictions" button, check the "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" checkbox, and click the "Save" Button), and then store the keys on FireBot. Due to new Binance's restrictions on API keys, you will later need to create a new key pair and update it on FireBot before the end of the 90 days activity period to avoid any service interruption.

 5. Refill your FireBot account with fuel.
If you do not have BUSD on your Binance account, you first need to get some. The easiest is to convert it but you can also buy it, deposit it, or trade it.